Add Skip Logic

Conditional questions are questions that only certain participants will answer. Participants will only respond to a conditional question when the answers they provide meet the specified conditions of the conditional question. Conditional questions are generally used to ask certain participants to provide additional details on an answer they provided in a previous question.

A conditional question can be made conditional based on personal information provided by participants or on the answers given by participants to questions.

For example, a first question could ask what is a participant's favorite food and have "Fruits" as a selectable answer. A second question, the conditional question, could then ask the participant to select his or her favorite fruits in a list of choices, but only if the participant has selected "Fruits" in the first question.

To make a Question Conditional, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the "Surveys" tab located at the top of the administrative user interface.

  2. Select the Survey for which you want to make a Question conditional in the list of Surveys below the "Surveys" small tab located on the left hand side of the administrative user interface. This will load the list of Questions for this Survey.

  3. Create the first question(s) on which the conditions to display the conditional question are based.

  4. Create the question you want to make conditional based on answers provided to other questions.

  5. Click on the "Skip Logic" tab located at the top of the conditional question's window.

  6. Enter conditions that a participant's answers to other questions must meet in order to answer the question. The conditions are entered as search criteria.

    1. Do not enter any search criteria for questions that are after the question for which you are enabling skip logic.

    2. Do not enter any search criteria for the question for which you are adding skip logic.

  7. Click on the "Save" button.

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