Partition questions offer the following options:

Property Name

Property Description

Question Name*

The name of the survey question. This name doesn't appear when participants complete the survey. It appears in reports and when answers are downloaded in PDF format.

Question Text*

The text of the question.


A variable name to use when exporting the data for this question. If no variable name is specified, the question name is used when exporting data.


Indicates if this question is mandatory and must be completed by participants.


The conditions that make this question mandatory. The question will be mandatory only for participants whose answers meet the specified conditions.


Indicates if this question is hidden when participants complete the survey. Instead of deleting a question and loosing it's data associated, you can hide it.


Indicates if this question is grouped on the same page with the proceeding question(s).

Participant Comments

Indicates if participants can provide comments in a comments box that appears below the question. Enable this option if you have an "Other" option and you want participants to be able to provide details.

Comments Label

The label to display above the comments box if comments are enabled.

Max. Length

The maximum number of characters that can be entered in the comments field.

Single Line

Indicates if a simple text field or multiline text field is displayed.


The maximum number of seconds a participant has to complete the question. Once the timeout has expired, the participant will no longer be able to complete the question.

Disable Previous

Indicates if the "Previous" button is disabled. When activated, once a participant reaches this question in the survey, they can no longer use the previous button to change answers to previous questions.

Write Once

Indicates if the answer to this question becomes read only and cannot be changed once the participant clicks the "Next" button.


The amount that must be partitioned accross the different items

Amount Caption

The caption of the "Amount" row name.

Randomize partition items

Indicates if the partition items should be presented in a random order for each participant

* denotes a mandatory field.

Partition question items to partition offer the following options:

Property Name

Property Description


The name of the item to partition.

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